Online Brand Reputation Management by Experts

Google your brand name. What do you find? How are you represented by the search engine to the internet users?

Online Reputation Management refers to having total control over the online conversation. The techniques and strategies involved in the process state how people find you and your materials on the web. When done with perfection, ORM can help you stay a foot ahead by creating balance and combating misleading trends. At Creative SEO Lab, we make it a point that you have a presentable and reputed online reputation.

Why your online reputation is important?

  • 95% of the total population relies on the Internet taking it as a perfect source of information, especially for services and business.
  • 97% of people prefer going through online reviews and feedbacks written by other users when searching for a local business or service.

A blend of online and offline

Every passing day is a growth of online world and you are anyways a part of it even though you might not care. From watching TV serials to smartphones, booking a cab to “Internet of things”, you are living each day online without even touching your computer!

You might not know but there’s a lot about you online and people are seeing it. So, why not ensure the stuff out there is good and positive. From employers to former colleagues, each one of them can find you online, no matter what is displayed you are there.

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Is ORM same as SEO?

Yes, there are some similarities between ORM and SEO but they have some points of differences as well.

The tactics for success are different for both. Consider the following factors:

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Multiple Targets

When running an SEO campaign, the aim is to get higher on the SERPs, mainly achieving the first rank in the search result pages. In case of ORM, the motive is not the first or fifth position but the fact that what gets on to the first page. It is the management of the way materials, stories and information is showcased in different complementary ways.

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Keyword Focus

SEO targets a bunch of relevant keywords with an intention to attract more visitors to a site whereas ORM targets specific keywords that portray a reputation impact. The goal of Online Reputation Management is not to attract more visitors to the site but to ensure people find relevant information with their search terms and also increase the brand value.

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SEO focuses on moving your sites up on the SERPs with whitehat backlinking technioques but the goal of Online Reputation Management is to keep the visitors away from any rant posted by another person, be it your former employee or business rival. ORM ensures displacement of misleading information with quality materials.

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Lack of Virality

With SEO techniques, if a site goes viral, it means achievement. In case of ORM, virality is not the objective. When a good site turns viral, the competitiveness of search results increases. Higher number of people will dig into search results and chances are change in site balance. These arising issues will become difficult to handle as the search volumes go higher.

Principles of Online Reputation Management

  • Algorithmically generated search results
  • Popularity is more important than accuracy
  • Don’t click the negative pages
  • Don’t communicate with the detractors
  • Promote positive story on the web
  • Take help from social media
  • Maintain your privacy
  • Remember it lasts forever

If you are worried about your online reputation and want to improve it for long-term benefit, get in touch with our ORM experts at Creative SEO Lab. You won’t be disappointed but delighted with the eventual but steady improvement.